Do you feel like your church is struggling to have focus, clarity, and forward momentum?

I help you Refocus so that you can effectively know who you are and what you are becoming.

Who am I and what is my mission?

What Happens When we work together?

"We can spend a lot of time doing good things that aren't helpful to our vision" -Brent


    I get to know you. I'll take some time discovering who you are, at your core. My goal is to help you rediscover exactly why you exist and reignite your passion!


    I then spend some time watching you do what you do. It's crucial to evaluate what your time and resources are spent on and then adjust your energies to move in the best direction.

  • PLAN

    The planning phase is very collaborative and it is crucial to prepare you for what is next. No goal is ever met without a detailed plan on how to get there. I look forward to helping you set steps to your future.


    This is the fun step! You now have complete clarity as to who you are. Careful inspection has taken place to review your current practices. We have detailed out the best plan possible for next steps. Now, we go for it!

More About Me

With 20 years in high capacity leadership I have devoted my service to the local church by facilitating growth, refocusing, reframing, and reclaiming vision within organizations who have hit their glass ceiling. I have had the unique opportunity to work with churches as well as work for churches. I bring a fresh perspective to stewarding our churches as professional organizations. In my 20 years of church leadership, I have successfully planted churches, merged churches, relaunched churches and worked within the organization to build and develop staff, systems and policies & procedures.
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Brent Hodge


A Few thoughts from my clients

How Can I Help You?

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