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Who is Brent?

Who is Brent?

In 20 years of full-time ministry Brent has led the charge in many areas; leaving him with the conclusion that he truly is a Jack of all trades. Having grown up a Pastor’s kid, he has seen the inner workings of the church and has fallen in love with the hope of the Gospel that it displays...


What Does Brent Do?

Listen, Inspect, Execute

What Does Brent Do?

5 Things Every Organization Can Do To Execute Their Vision

The hardest part of moving forward is knowing the first step. We all have a dream, a goal or a unique vision. But do we have what it takes to see these dreams becomes realities? I think we do!

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Check Out Brent's Latest Blog Posts

Check Out Brent's Latest Blog Posts

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    John Doe
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    Aigars Silkalns

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